Medical Qi Gong


Qi Gong is an ancient self-healing system which promotes the prevention of illness, health maintenance, health promotion and healing to rectify illness. It originated thousands of years ago in China.

”Qi” is the energy and “gong” is the practice and training of the Qi.

There are many different forms of Qi Gong. Medical Qi Gong is the form we practice at Starr Healing.

The goal of Medical Qi Gong is to conserve the body’s vital energy, absorb external energy from the universe, expel toxic energy and to ensure a smooth, free and balanced flow of Qi within the meridian system to attain ultimate health.

A person practices Qi Gong by a combination of exercises including meditation, visualization, mind-body integration, breathing and movement. Practitioners of Qi Gong develop an awareness of Qi sensations (energy) in their body and use their mind to guide the Qi.

When the practitioners achieve a sufficient skill level, they can direct or emit Qi externally to affect others. Many doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine prescribe Qi Gong for their patients, or recommend it as an adjunct to other necessary therapies or as a way for patients to maintain optimum health. Patients who practice Medical Qi Gong recover more quickly and gain the necessary skills to take charge of their own health.

Qi Gong practice in general, involves focus on one’s energy system and the ability, gained through practice to move and augment that energy. The more you practice Qi Gong, the stronger your energy becomes. After months of Medical Qi Gong practice, a practitioner will have gained abundance of Qi and control of Qi Gong internally and externally. It is then that he or she can attempt to heal others by projecting Qi to the patients.

Your DrTCM will use their hands to send energy through your body. It is very relaxing and a mild, gentle sensation. Sometimes their hands are touching the body but often they are over the surface and not coming into contact at all. You may also be guided to practice some of your own internal Qi Gong practice for health maintenance.