Dr. Kendra Starr

I am an athlete-a rock climber and ex professional figure skater- who is a very experienced body work recipient. I have been fortunate to have had acupuncture from approx 60 top practitioner’s in the last 20 years, from all over the world… in Sidney AU, in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, and Vancouver. I found Kendra Starr to be the BEST acupuncturist I have EVER SEEN! Kendra has the whole package: she is warm and kind, and makes one feel comfortable; she’s very understanding, and most importantly: Kendra is a phenomenally gifted and intuitive healer who LOVES WHAT SHE DOES, and strives to resolve your injury/ problem quickly, in an extremely gentle, comfortable and exceptionally healing manner. If there were a Zagat guide for healers, I give her 4 stars +++!!
Sonya B
Never thought I’d enjoy acupuncture, but Kendra’s universal ability to connect with all age groups makes the experience both enjoyable and beneficial. Her face reading was also eye-opening and accurate, I learned about myself through her and can’t thank her enough for improving my health! Thank you, Kendra.
Jessica R
Kendra knows her trade really well. I had a wicked c-section scar that was painful and red and she helped heal the scar tissue that just wasn’t healing. She provides
a calming nurturing environment.”
Judy Will
I became a client of Kendra’s approximately eight years ago, at a time when my health both physically and emotionally were at an all time low. When I first arrived on her doorstep, I was suffering from a multitude of afflictions that seemed to be related to stress and grief which manifested itself in to all sorts of issues including major challenges with fertility. I had been to acupuncture once before but in hindsight don’t really think I understood the healing propensity of the modality until visiting Kendra. After careful examination of all my issues through the spoken word she quietly worked her way through the non verbal indicators including pulse, eyes, tongue and skin and went to work. What differentiated Kendra from my past experience was her intuitive nature and her ability to utilize many different healing alternatives such as cranial sacral therapy, cupping and traditional herbs in conjunction with needling in an effort to deliver the best results. Kendra is a healer in every sense of the word. She is incredibly compassionate and kind and deeply cares about the health and well-being of her clients. I always felt better for having spent time with her. Although my health has improved significantly and I am now joyfully kept very busy with two young children…(yes I did conceive!) I return to acupuncture as a form of health maintenance on a regular basis. It is something I do for myself and recommend to friends and family. I can feel a sense of calm and well-being following each and every visit. Squamish lost a gem when Kendra relocated to Rossland. Our loss is another community’s gain. I know she will continue guiding people to better health with the same dedication, passion and professionalism she shared with all of us. G Young

Dustin Eagleston

Dustin has been treating me for a few months since I tore the ACL and damaged meniscus in my knee while skiing. Her therapy has played a huge role in my recovery so far. She always checks into my overall physical and mental health before she begins needling and I leave every appointment relaxed, with noticeably less pain. I’ve been especially impressed with how well her treatments manage the swelling in my knee (something I often struggle with).
I just had a 3 month post-op meeting with my surgeon and he was amazed with how quickly my recovery is progressing! I have mostly received acupuncture, but have also been given herbs, acupressure, and cupping. I’ll be highly recommending Dustin to my friends!”
Orry Grant
I had a shoulder injury from rock climbing. After a few months of trying to nurse it back myself, it just wasn’t quite getting back to normal, so I booked an appointment with Dustin. After the 1st session it improved, so I went back for a 2nd session. Within a few weeks I couldn’t remember which shoulder got injured! Thanks Dustin!Douglas Noblet