Baby Making

The miracle of pro creation

I think a miracle is an understatement for making babies. If you think that we can spark and grow new little people who resemble us in such unique ways, it ‘s so amazing, yet it is part of the natural, normal cycle of life. It happens all the time throughout history, in all kinds of adverse conditions.
Fertility is an issue that effects more and more people in our busy modern world. As we have become so industrialized and couples have become increasingly stressed to keep up with life’s hurtles, is it any wonder that baby’s are finding it hard to find the quiet space they need to come into this world?

The truth is, the reproductive health of both women and men is dependant on the balance of so many aspects of their lives.  Stress is considered to be one of the most disturbing factors to the natural energy flow through our bodies. Many people are obsessed with exercise and keeping their bodies lean and in optimum physical performance. Even though exercise is a healthy aspect of life, it can be overdone, like anything. Pushing your physical limits too hard, over time, can exhaust your adrenals, put your autonomic nervous system out of balance, create hormonal imbalances and puts you in a pattern of stress. All of this may lead to difficulty achieving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

 On the other hand, not enough exercise, with an excess of thinking causes equal amounts of stress and imbalance in the body. Constant work or worry will seize up your energy, it can lead to tiredness and exhaustion, irritability and depression. Again, healthy pregnancy can be difficult under these conditions.

The beauty of the diagnostic method used at Starr Healing acupuncture in Nelson, is that we can effectively check in with your body, find where things have gone out of balance and see direct results.

When you see people who appear not to give much attention to their health, and yet they still have no problem becoming pregnant and having children. You might wonder, how can they do it? In reality, just their relaxed attitude alone may be the factor, but we never know what kind of balance a person may have from the outside. We each have our own way of dealing with  stress, in life. Some may not be as effected as others by a similar situation. Through pulse, tongue and body diagnosis, a Dr of Traditional Chinese medicine can look at your system and discover what shifts in your body, mind and emotions need to take place to bring you into a state of equilibrium. You may be given diet recommendations, herbal medicine, a series of acupuncture treatments and energy work to achieve your balance. For women, it is expected to take a period of three months to make a lasting change in hormones, balance menstruation and prepare her properly for pregnancy.

Once balance is achieved, usually conception and healthy babies are just around the corner.


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